Monthly Archives: March 2016

Spring Workshops

In the hope that the weather is improving soon I am planning a couple of spring workshops….   Friday 15th April – plant climbers/supports 9ish – 1.  Coffee, tea and biscuits provided. Cost £30 plus materials – usually around  £10 per climber. Wednesday 25th May – chickens/pheasants/any other small birds we can think of…… 9ish […]

Panel fence just completed

Due to a low brick wall in front and a post and wire fence behind it was impossible to weave our normal in situ fence. So dropped in panels and weaved the top in situ to give the impression of a continuous fence.  

New web site

Our new web site has just gone live! Many thanks to Logic Design, Liz Cooke for coordinating the project, Emily Lord and Mark Wharton for some excellent photos and our customers past, present and future who make it all possible.