Fettling the living willow at the Abbey Gardens

Last week we worked on neatening up the living willow at the Abbey Gardens.  While we have all been in lockdown the willow took the opportunity to practically double in size!  Here are some before and after photos.  

Longest fence of the year so far….

Well it was several bits of fence really.  Total length was 214 feet (yes, we are old fashioned like that!)  Another beautiful house and garden set in the glorious Suffolk landscape.   

Week beginning 2nd June 2020

This week we have been near Kings Lynn creating a fence for some very kind and thoughtful clients (thanks for the icecreams and socially distanced toilet!).  Sometimes it is so sunny it is hard to take a decent picture!      

We’ve been busy

We have been working on this property for a while – from before it was built to now.  Here is the view of the finished front. Apologies if it makes you feel seasick – no steadycam for me!